Football clothing from Bauerfeind Sports

More stability and stamina for your perfect time on the pitch

No matter if World Cup, National League, or local championships – our football clothing definitely is a screamer!

It finally is here: the 21st Football World Cup in Russia has begun – and world’s best players will pamper us with lots of top performances, athleticism, fine techniques, and terrific goals until the final day on July 15.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing football on a professional level, as an ambitious amateur, or only as a free-time activity after work: the game demands everything from your body. You surely need an optimal preparation especially for quick turns, sprints, tackles, and hard strikes on your bones and joints – and the right football clothing plays an essential role here as well.

Bauerfeind Sports offers you the best support with its Sports Support and Sports Compression Line. Thanks to its nearly 90 years of expertise in the field of medical aids and knit fabric and its durable premium products Made in Germany Bauerfeind is your partner for football clothing when it comes to achieving your best performance on the pitch!

Long injury lay-offs? Give them no chance!

No matter if deep soil after hours of rain or a dried up pitch after days of sun and heat: the risk of twisting your ankles in football is probably the highest among all sports. When it happens that often means severe, long-lasting injuries such as damages to your joints and joint capsules or ligament ruptures. The result can be months of injury lay-off – meaning a very long, arduous way back into the team.

Your football clothing for optimal joint support

Protect your joints, tendons and ligaments from injuries and overloads and completely focus on your next opponent. The Bauerfeind Sports Support Line includes athletic braces that control your ankle and knee movements during sprints and under harsh conditions – with no reduction in freedom of movement. The anatomically-shaped knit fabric is lightweight, and the fine material consists of a feather-light mesh. The braces span your body like a second skin. At each step, the braces massage the respective body area with integrated pads. With this special football clothing you will maximise stability and increase self-confidence while being on the pitch. Support your ankles, go for longer and reach out for the victory!

The Bauerfeind Sports Support Line for your optimal joint support

Better protection from twisting

With the Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support you’re well protected from twisting and injuring your joints, joint capsules, and tendons – even on deep soil and without sacrificing your freedom of movement.

Stability for your knee joint

The Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support can help you protect one of the most sensitive, injury-prone parts of every footballer’s body: the knee. In addition, it massages your tendons, ligaments, and the connective tissue with every movement and strengthens the knee thanks to its integrated pelotte.

Go into the next match well rested with our Compression Line

More vitality after long trainings and matches: the Sports Compression Socks Ball & Racket were developed especially for endurance sports and promote a faster regeneration of your muscles. Wearing compression products even after trainings and matches helps you recover faster due to their perceivable medical compression and a better blood circulation. Professional footballers therefore have already been dealing with the topic of compression products for years and wear compression socks before and directly after their trainings and matches.

Regenerating faster and training more intensely thanks to Bauerfeind Sports football clothing

Compression allows for a better blood flow back to the heart, less swelling of the arms and legs after training and by that facilitates the oxygen transport to the muscles and the removal of degradation products. Your muscles are well provided for and will thank you by recovering more quickly.

Playing well after an exhausting day, intensifying training, or having more energy reserves in the final – what is your next challenge going to be? Go for it! The Bauerfeind Sports Compression Line has been developed for endurance sports and significantly promotes muscle regeneration.

Faster regeneration and more power for your muscles

Warming up muscles faster, performing better

With our Bauerfeind Sports Compression Sleeves Upper Leg you can start training even faster. Thanks to its medical compression your muscles warm up quicker and blood circulation in your thighs is stimulated. Attack earlier and score!

Regenerate better and save energy for the final matches

A football season is long and takes its toll. Therefore, saving up some energy for the final matches is something every footballer desires in order to win. Thanks to the Bauerfeind Sports Compression Socks Ball & Racket your muscles regenerate optimally and you can give your best to the very end.

Better protection and more power thanks to intelligent technology Made in Germany

Bauerfeind Sports is your reliable teammate in football and other sports. When it comes to relieving your joints, regenerating your muscles, or optimising your performance we are there for you. We know what we do because we have been doing it for almost 90 years now.

Since 1929 Bauerfeind has been manufacturing its products exclusively in Germany. Customers all over the world trust us as their experts for supports, ortheses, medical compression sleeves, and orthopaedic insoles. We don’t rest on our laurels but keep on researching so that people can lead active, pain-free lives into advanced age. Our products distinguish themselves through premium quality and innovative technologies.

Football clothing with a certain something

Our Sports Support products think further. They effectively support arms, back, ankles, and knees still allowing for maximum movement control. The incorporated pelottes absorb peaks in pressure, relieve the joint and by that optimally distribute force in your joints. That especially holds true for football where quick turns, tackles, sprints, and butt straining of the bones and ankles demand for a certain degree of protection. The pelottes massage your tendons, ligaments, muscles, and the connective tissue with every movement. This in turn enhances sensorimotor perception and gives you better feedback. You effectively counteract the risk for injuries and pain fades faster.

Medical compression knit fabric

Highly elastic, ultra-thin knitted microfibre fabric in accordance with medical standards provides a carefully regulated level of compression improving blood circulation and transport of oxygen resulting in less sore muscles, less muscle vibrations, and cramps.

Muscles warm up faster before trainings, tire less quickly, and regenerate better until the next match. You can use this additional energy from our football clothing for goals and wins while the Sports Compression Sleeves effectively protect your muscles from injuries.