Striking power, stability & safety in tennis: step up your performance with even more power

More strength, endurance & faster response: Which points add up for you in tennis?

1. More power for your game: Transform your joints into an ace and play longer in comfort

Relieve hand, knee and ankle joints & play free of discomfort.

Change in tempo, net attack, topspin change and slice – no matter whether during training or at a tournament: In tennis, your joints score points with each rally. That’s because high loads and forces affect your knee and ankle joints with every movement. These loads are caused by explosive and fast moves, in which you stop and abruptly accelerate again and again. Add to that striking movements and the impact of tight shots which, in turn, put extreme strain on your wrists. Strong joint protection is important so that you can get the best performance on the tennis court and train effortlessly. The effective products of the Bauerfeind Sports Supports Line help to relieve your joints, during the match and beyond. Targeted pressure also improves movement control in the knees and wrists. At the same time, the durable braces massage the ligaments, tendons, muscles and connective tissue engaged in each of your movements. You’ll feel the relief effect quickly, especially during longer matches, because intense depth perception sends you direct feedback. This in turn counteracts against stress and prevents injuries due to fast, jerky movements and fatigue. Pain associated with overloads will fade faster. Transform your joints into a tennis ace with guaranteed support at peak loads and achieve victory!

2. Pain-free elbow: Stabilise your forearm to prevent elbow discomfort

Relieve tendons in the forearm and control shots safely.

Fast topspin, hard serve or strong smash – power, stability and safety contribute to fast-paced rallies and your best tennis performance. For this to happen, your forearm muscles and tendons must work perfectly together without discomfort. Unfortunately, elbow joint pain is one of the most common problems associated with tennis. Over 50 percent of tennis players suffer from painful “tennis elbow” on some occasions. Tennis players who train more than three hours a week or who are over 40 years old are especially at risk. The condition is caused by an overload of the forearm muscles as well as a small section of the tendons which attach the forearm muscles to the upper arm. This tendon is partly responsible for finger and wrist mobility and strength. This area can become inflamed if irritated too intensely. The Sports Elbow Strap prevents this and aids healing of existing tennis elbow. The sport band simultaneously relieves both your elbow and your arm’s lower musculature with targeted pressure. The individually attachable five-point pad either rests on the outside or inside and stimulates muscles and fascia. Your muscles are better supplied with blood and with additional oxygen. Irritation and inflammation associated with tennis elbow abate faster. On top of that, your strokes strike home with more stability and security.

3. Extended tennis performance: Improve how your muscles work and react even quicker

Improve how your muscles work and gain long-lasting striking power.

Facing smashes, hard serves and fast balls – power plays a crucial role in tennis and is a prerequisite for quick reactions. Your power on the tennis court can be a deciding factor when it comes to victory or defeat. Without power, it’s impossible for you to react quickly or counter your opponent’s blows with maximum precision and perfect coordination. Sports Compression Line sports braces improve how your muscles work during tennis matches using noticeable compression. Targeted pressure promotes circulation and increases oxygen supply to the muscles. Your arm and leg muscles warm up faster and regenerate with greater ease. That way, you’re ready to react quickly in any competitive situation. In addition, the compression decreases uncomfortable muscle vibrations, ensuring that your muscles will tire more slowly. You’ll feel that during your next tennis match: you’ll be more efficient, have more strength and achieve maximum stamina. Join the Sports Support Line team for increased power and the best reactions in tennis!

4. Improved control: More coordination and precise shot execution

Distribute power optimally and master ball and opponent.

Control counts as one of the most important points in tennis – the goal is to dominate both ball and opponent. Victory and defeat depend largely on your body control. Coordination of arm and leg muscles, for example, plays a crucial role in precise impact performance. The only way to hit balls over the net with the necessary precision is to ensure that you’re standing stably and executing striking motions in a controlled manner. That’s how you prove you possess full control not only over your body, but also over your opponent and the tennis match! However, the prerequisite for this is that your joints are fit and the strength in your muscles is optimally distributed. You’ll find yourself well-prepared for the next match with Bauerfeind Sports Supports Line sport braces. Light pressure improves movement control of your hand, knees and ankle joints and provides relief from heavy impacts and constant changes of direction. The effect is especially noticeable during longer games and tournaments. You’ll take overload peaks such as hard serves or fast balls in stride. Additionally, incorporated pads massage stressed joints, thereby positively influencing sensorimotor function. This is turn intensifies your body awareness and you gain increased control and security – for a discomfort-free and controlled game, all the way until match ball!

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