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Gym equipment for your perfect fitness experience

Why is optimal gym equipment so important?

As an athlete, you want to push your boundaries and always give your best during training. By doing so, you put special emphasis on diversity and are constantly adjusting your training cycle. Your equipment has to be able to adjust and adapt perfectly to this. To remain strong at repeated, heavy loads, you need exceedingly well-trained stamina, strong muscles, and the proper gym equipment.

Braces and supports assist in the execution of targeted movements, and one of the key features of these fitness products is the relief of the joints that are being stabilised. With sports braces and supports, you can control your power better, preventing overload and increasing a pain-free range-of-motion! As a result, your posture and body awareness will improve. With the Bauerfeind Sports supports you protect your joints and muscles, avoiding fatigue and the need for breaks.

The bottom line: Improving your performance and regenerating faster is how you achieve your goals!

How Can Bauerfeind Prevent Knee Injury?

Bauerfeind Sports Line prevents injuries resulting from overload and supports your body during every exercise by helping you to avoid sloppily executed movements.

The braces of Bauerfeind Sports Line are specially designed to support your body when performing rapid changes in speed and experiencing peak loads. This allows you to train your muscles holistically and demand your best performance free of complaints. Overall, it will become much easier for you to control your movements purposefully.

Bauerfeind Sports gym equipment offers gentle compression that is spread throughout the joints in an optimal way, while your ligaments, tendons, muscles, and your connective tissue are being massaged by the integrated pads. This unique feature allows the sensorimotor perception of your joints to improve over time.

In summary, you get more power and safety in your fitness training with the Bauerfeind Sports Line! Maximum achievements guaranteed!


The Knee: Control movements purposefully with Bauerfeind gym equipment

Add more power to your joints! No matter if you’re doing squats, push-ups, or challenging full-body exercises, like the burpee – your knees always get heavily loaded during execution.

The braces of the Bauerfeind Sports Support Line help you control the movements of your knees in order to train pain-free for longer and strengthen your muscles. You’ll instantly feel how the gentle compression optimally spreads the power and pressure throughout the joints. At the same time, the durable brace massages the ligaments, tendons, muscles, and the connective tissue with its pads that are integrated into the fabric. This, in turn, enhances the sensorimotor perception of the joints and therefore gives you better feedback.

Improving control over your movements guarantees that your joints are optimally protected during training. Our Bauerfeind gym equipment assists you in doing so. Pain from overload diminishes faster and the risk of injuries minimises, meaning more power for fitness!

Learn how the Sports Knee Support assists you during your next workout.

The Back: Supporting the body’s centre with Bauerfeind Sports Back Support

To get the best out of yourself, even when increasing training cycles, you particularly need power, body control, flexibility, and core stability. The gym equipment of the Sports Support Line provides an effective support for your workout.

Sports braces for your back activate the supporting core musculature, promote muscle control, and improve your posture. In addition, the incorporated pads stimulate your muscles and fascia with every movement which improves your entire body perception.

Thanks to their anatomical fit and light knit fabric, sports braces are as flexible as your daily workout requires – fitting like a second skin. With this kind of gym equipment your risk of injury decreases and your fitness level rises for a varied fitness training without complaints.

Erfahre, wie die Sports Back Support deine Rumpfmuskulatur stützt

The Wrists: More power and better stamina for high training goals

Boost your weight and fitness training with even more power. To achieve this, you’re body needs to be in top shape from head to toe, which also includes your wrists. They are significantly involved in your training successes and have to be free of pain.

Certain workouts often evoke pain in the wrist due to a wrong joint position, inadequately trained musculature, and overload – this is especially the case when it comes to peak loads. Therefore, it is important to stabilise and support the wrists during all your fitness activities with the right gym equipment.

The Bauerfeind Sports Wrist Strap is guaranteed to relieve and stabilise the wrist area, especially during weight-based workouts. The amount of support can be individually adjusted and adapted to different situations for varied fitness exercises.

Your training goals become even more tangible – hands on!

Learn how the Sports Wrist Strap stabilises your wrist during lifting