More power for your best running performance: prepare for your top run!

Marathon, 10km runs, the Transalpine Run: What running challenges do you have to face?

1. Improved stability: Support your joints at peak loads

Protect joints, control movement and run safely
Running brings with it a feeling of freedom. Just get going! Sometimes giving new, unknown paths a try is the best way to find a great trail and achieve the perfect running experience.

Protect your joints
Uneven surfaces and fatigue carry with them the risk of injury. Also, some runners suffer from unstable ligaments and tendons. Rolling or twisting these while out running can be painful and severely restrict your freedom of movement. Enjoy your runs to the max and protect your joints, tendons and ligaments from injuries and overloads. The Bauerfeind Sports Support Line are athletic braces that control your ankle and knee movements and strengthen your back.

Comfort and no movement limitations
The anatomically-shaped knit fabric is lightweight, and the fine material consists of a feather-light mesh. The braces span your body like a second skin – with no reduction in freedom of movement. At each step, the braces massage the respective body area with integrated pads.

Feel optimal power distribution in supported joints for a longer, trouble-free and carefree run!

2. Protected joints: Control your movement to keep trouble at bay!

Running without problems

It doesn’t matter whether you are a running fanatic or a jogger striving to improve – joint pain can hit anyone.

But active people and sports enthusiasts can reduce the risk of joint problems: the key is not to overload joints and muscles. Bauerfeind Sports Support Line athletic braces help provide optimal support for the most susceptible parts of the body; and Bauerfeind Sports Insoles help promote sure-footed strides and cushion you from impact.

And even if you have a minor, pre-existing complaint, you needn’t sacrifice freedom of movement. You can counter any nagging pain in your knees or ankles while out jogging by wearing athletic braces or insoles that will also protect you from impact. Of course, if these are persistent problems you should always consult your doctor. Athletic braces improve the movement of the ankle, knee and back while at the same time exerting a massaging effect.

The braces sit like a second skin thanks to a lightweight, anatomically-contoured knit. With their innovative Weightflex® technology, the athletic insoles promote safe, reduced-impact jogging and position your feet from below.

You regain your freedom to run – and to run longer – without pain: for your best pain-free runs!

3. Better performance: Increase your muscle activation and reduce fatigue!

Activate muscles, promote circulation and run better

When you run, you are striving for more every day: further, faster, higher. You love running and want to achieve your best performance each and every time. You activate your muscles with the right running aids for better performance and endurance. Sports sleeves and stockings with medical compression support circulation and promote the transport of oxygen. Your muscles warm up quicker and stay strong.

Fatigue symptoms? Leave those behind! You’re already training your leg muscles more intensively during your workout and, thanks to improved blood flow, you are also helping to prevent muscle soreness and cramping. You are giving your body the best support for better performance and improved endurance. Steep hills, uneven trails or varying surfaces: what challenges will you face today? Train longer and harder and increase your performance by gearing up with the Bauerfeind Sports Compression Line.

4. Faster regeneration: Optimise your recovery curve

Support circulation for a faster recovery

Endurance sports are for focused, determined people who have a particular goal in mind. This is you: you’re a runner who pushes yourself to do the very best you can. After tough workouts, your body needs a regeneration phase to recuperate and improve its performance over time and in order to avoid sore muscles and cramps.

That’s why sports stockings with compression are standard running aids for experienced runners. Wearing compression products after training and competition will also help to promote faster recovery. Compression allows for improved blood flow back to the heart, reduces swelling in the arms and legs after exercise and facilitates oxygen transport to the muscles. You are taking good care of yourself and your muscles will thank you for it on your next run.

A 10k run, a marathon or an obstacle course – what is your next challenge going to be? Go for it! The Bauerfeind Sports Compression Line has been developed for endurance sports as well as for other activities and significantly promotes muscle regeneration.

Joint or foot problems?

General wear and tear, misalignment or injury – any of these can cause pain in the ankles, feet or knees. Often overload is the underlying reason, usually triggered by excessive activity. The Bauerfeind Sports Support Line athletic braces and Insoles Line insoles control your movements safely and protect you from overloading your joints. You can run symptom-free for longer thanks to the relief and reduced impact they offer.

Our solution:

  • Countering joint pain
  • Countering knee problems
  • Countering foot problems
  • Pressure relief and guided running motion

Sore muscles or cramps?

Sport combines passion and ambition! To reach your goals, you demand a lot from your body and push yourself to your limits. This can result in symptoms of fatigue such as cramps and sore muscles. The Bauerfeind Sports Compression Line has been developed for running and other activities; it stimulates circulation with targeted pressure. This brings more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, which in turn regenerate faster and are strengthened.

Our solution:

  • Reduced muscle vibration
  • Countering cramps and sore muscles
  • Faster regeneration
  • Reduced fatigue

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