Improve muscular generation and go for even more!

More endurance, power & flow: Which challenge takes you to the limit?

1. Faster regeneration: Optimise your recovery curve with compression products

Activate circulation & regenerate quickly after long rides.
Have you experienced it? You take off your helmet, your heart and respiratory rate normalise, but the euphoria remains. One thing is certain: you already have your next ride in mind and want to get back in the saddle as soon as possible. That’s because those with lofty athletic goals must train. However, your body needs a proper regeneration phase. Otherwise, sore muscles and cramps will follow. You can optimise your recovery curve with Compression Line sports products as soon as you step off your bike to get ready for your next ride.

Compression sleeves promote oxygen transport
Compression products have been developed for endurance sports, among other things, and promote faster muscle regeneration during and after cycling. Noticeable pressure activates circulation. This promotes oxygen transport to muscles and improves the flow of blood back to the heart. Waste products are thus better transported away, and arms and legs swell less intensely. It’s not without reason that professional cyclists have been relying on compression products for years. Racing professionals wear compression products during training as well as during and after a competition. The Bauerfeind Sports Compression Line supports muscle recovery, so you can enjoy faster, more pleasurable rides to the fullest. That’s how to optimise your recovery and performance curve so you can set out on your best ride ever!

2. Joint stabilisation: Maintain joint safety and optimise your kick

Stabilise joints and ride longer in comfort.
During cycling, your joints ensure optimal distribution of muscle power in the legs, trunk and arms. They lead your kick, secure your sitting position and aid in steering. Your joints need to be fit for your ride to be pleasurable and to provide you with power.

Support and guidance for your joints
Although it is generally true that cycling is easier on the joints than other sports, joint protection is nevertheless important, depending on specific demands. This applies to recreational riders who are planning a longer ride as well as to ambitious competitive athletes, but especially to mountain bikers and BMX riders. While it’s true that suspension forks absorb jumps, they don’t do so with sufficient force. That’s why joints need additional support and guidance. Otherwise, excessive strain can occur.

Comfortable protection for your joints
Bauerfeind Support Line sports braces guide joints safely during every movement on the mountain or during sprints. At the same time, they ensure optimum force distribution and are hardly noticeable. Light and airy fabric provides optimal comfort, while incorporated pads massage respective body areas. You benefit by way of better depth perception and therefore reliably prevent joint overload.

Steer toward your best bike performance with strong joints!

3. Longer performance: Improve your performance with strength and endurance

Increase oxygen supply to muscles and do more longer.
Whether you seek out action and challenging trails, love fast-paced sprints or simply enjoy flow, cyclists benefit from endurance and power. Muscles test powerful cyclists and triathletes all the way to their limits, especially on longer tours. Muscles get tired, start to burn and cramp. Arms and legs feel limp. In a worst-case scenario, this can bring about a premature end to the bike tour. To boost performance and pedal with maximum power all the way to the end, continuous oxygen is needed to more than just your cardiovascular system. Your muscles also need to breathe deeply. Compression Line sports products support you by stimulating circulation with targeted pressure, thus transporting more oxygen to stressed muscle areas. An additional advantage: Your muscles warm up faster and fatigue slower. You’ll feel that in your arms and legs. Targeted compression ensures that muscle vibrations resulting from uneven surfaces are reduced. At the same time, compression products stimulate your muscles and fascia. That way, you’re protected against fatigue and injuries in every cycling situation, whether mountain biking, racing or freeriding. You can cycle longer and remain ready for your next challenge – no matter if you’re on a mountain bike, BMX or road bike. Ride for longer – and heighten your enjoyment of flow!

4. Strong back muscles: Secure sitting position & optimum power distribution

Support back muscles and strengthen trunk for cycling.
Strong back muscles are the basis for cycling and at least as important as leg muscles. You need a strong back to maintain a good sitting position and a technically perfect riding style – this is especially true for long rides. In addition, a stable trunk transmits force from the entire body to the pedal, especially when riding while standing. A stable torso means fewer evasive movements while cycling. This in turn supports riding technique and prevents injuries. A limp torso slows you down faster and you won’t be able to achieve top performance. The Bauerfeind Sports Back Support gives your back muscles the support they need, especially on long rides. Incorporated naps stimulate your muscles with pleasant compression during even the slightest movements during cycling. This positively influences your sensorimotor function, activates stabilising trunk muscles, harmonises muscle activation and improves posture. On top of that, sports braces are particularly comfortable against the skin and breathable. Light and airy fabric wicks sweat away and prevents heat accumulation. Tailwind becomes irrelevant – the Back Support has you riding powerfully with strong trunk muscles.

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