Running routes are a dime a dozen, but the trail that puts you in the perfect state of mind to continuously push yourself only exists once in the world. What does it look like? Where does it go? Share it with us and you could win big.

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The marathon twins Anna and Lisa Hahner, the ultra & trail runner Frank Bauknecht, and other international running influencers are here to tell you what a really good run should be all about!

Frank Bauknecht

Frank is a passionate athlete, trail runner, outdoor enthusiast and running coach. In his career, Frank has already run every kind of race there is: marathons, half marathons, 10k runs, the Trailrun Worldmasters, the Transalpine Run, ultra runs, and the Fisherman’s Friend Strongman Run.

Article: “I look for adventure when I run.”
Article: “I never get bored on a run”

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