Running routes are a dime a dozen, but the trail that puts you in the perfect state of mind to continuously push yourself only exists once in the world. What does it look like? Where does it go? Share it with us and you could win big.

Need inspiration?

The marathon twins Anna and Lisa Hahner, the ultra & trail runner Frank Bauknecht, and other international running influencers are here to tell you what a really good run should be all about!

Anna and Lisa Hahner

Anna and Lisa, also known as the Hahner twins, are two of Germany’s best long distance runners. In addition to numerous German championships, these two exceptional runners have also won a lot of first places at international marathons.

Blog post: “We love the marathon with every fiber of our body”
Blog post: “This will help me progress”

Frank Bauknecht

Frank is a passionate athlete, trail runner, outdoor enthusiast and running coach. In his career, Frank has already run every kind of race there is: marathons, half marathons, 10k runs, the Trailrun Worldmasters, the Transalpine Run, ultra runs, and the Fisherman’s Friend Strongman Run.

Blog post: “I look for adventure when I run.”
Blog post: “I never get bored on a run”

The best running influencers will tell you what a really good run should be all about!

Dennis Soisch

#myperfecttrail is dynamic, varied and makes you want more! Higher, faster, further!

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Sabrina Wieser (New York)

My legs really find the perfect trail all over the world. But I prefer to run at home: Overlooking the New York skyline.

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Kate Buntenbach (San Diego)

My perfect trail is serene and quiet and it winds inland all the way to the coast.

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Hilary Matheson (Vancouver)

The truth that I keep coming back to is that trail running equals freedom.

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Klara Fuchs (Graz)

#myperfecttrail is individual, different every day and brings me joy. A feeling of freedom!

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