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More power for your best running performance: prepare for your top run!

Joint or foot problems?

General wear and tear, misalignment or injury – any of these can cause pain in the ankles, feet or knees. Often overload is the underlying reason, usually triggered by excessive activity. The Bauerfeind Sports Support Line athletic braces and Insoles Line insoles control your movements safely and protect you from overloading your joints. You can run symptom-free for longer thanks to the relief and reduced impact they offer.

Our solution

  • Countering joint pain
  • Countering knee problems
  • Countering foot problems
  • Pressure relief and guided running motion

Sore muscles or cramps?

Sport combines passion and ambition! To reach your goals, you demand a lot from your body and push yourself to your limits. This can result in symptoms of fatigue such as cramps and sore muscles. The Bauerfeind Sports Compression Line has been developed for running and other activities; it stimulates circulation with targeted pressure. This brings more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, which in turn regenerate faster and are strengthened.

Our solution
  • Reduced muscle vibration
  • Countering cramps and sore muscles
  • Faster regeneration
  • Reduced fatigue

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