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It's hiking season!

Step into Adventure with our hiking products

With our Outdoor Merino Socks you are naturally well on your way when hiking.

Our hiking socks with merino wool combine smart functional zones with superior comfort - now with two new colors.

Being outside, enjoying nature and being active: hiking is fun. Wanna go outsice and explore nature? Well then, grab a hiking map or click through the internet and choose a charming route for your next adventure!

Your hiking tour will be even better if you use the right equipment. Our Outdoor Merino Socks are the perfect companions. The clever functional zones support you every step of the way and with a high percentage of merino wool, your feet stay dry and fresh.

Good reasons for the Outdoor Merino Socks from Bauerfeind Sports

Targeted Compression Zones

The functional zones increase the performance of the calf muscles through muscle-specific compression and keep the muscles in their optimal performance range for longer.

Infinity Zone

Specially formed functional area for stabilising the arch of the foot and the ankle. Also supports the arch of the foot and effectively prevents excessive strain.

Merino Wool

Keeps you cool on warm days and helps you stay warm on cold days. The Merino fiber keeps your feet dry and fresh – a true natural talent.

Joint pain in the knee?

Hiking is about passion and ambition! As you reach your goals, your knees accompany you on steep and uneven paths. This can quickly lead to overloading. The Sports Knee Support protects your precious knee joints from overuse and controls movements securely. Thus, you can reduce the risk of injury and enjoy hiking longer.

Our Solution

  • Relieves the knee and protects against overload
  • Provides stability in the knee joint
  • Reduces risk of injury
  • Counteracts joint pain in knees

Take a look at our Sports Knee Support now.

Ankle instability?

It’s a hiking nightmare: the foot kinks or twists – and the excursion is over. A sprain, hyperextension, or even joint damage or torn ligaments can be the painful consequence. Ankle Support Dynamic protects your ankle from injury. The sports brace controls your movements and prevents overloading – for carefree hikes on uneven trails.

Our Solution

  • Counteracts kinking and sideways twisting
  • Stabilises the ankle and supports ligaments
  • Reduces risk of injury
  • Counteracts overload and provides increased security

Take a look at our Ankle Support Dynamic now.

Rising altitude or mile-long trails: What challenges do you face while hiking?

Secure tread

Stability for your feet, also on uneven hiking trails!

Knee joint relief

Discomfort-free hiking, also on steep mountain paths!

Prepare for longer hikes

Support your body and breathe deeply on long hikes!

Secure tread
Knee joint relief
Prepare for longer hikes