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For your best performance while running, your equipment must be coordinated. To ensure you can run faster and for longer, the right products are essential. Running shoes support and guide the feet, whilst simultaneously cushioning impact. Cushioning is one of the most important properties of running shoes: it reduces impact shocks and minimizes vibration. Most original foot orthoses in running shoes are generally not, or only slightly, shaped to the anatomy of the wearer, which means they don’t provide optimizing functionality. You can get more stability and control during running with special sports foot orthoses. Find out how you can better prepare your feet for the strain during jogging.

Stable feet are the basis for the perfect run

Stable feet are the foundation for your body. Your feet affect the position of your knees, hips, and pelvis when you’re standing, walking, and running. The spine also benefits from this. When you’re putting your foot down during jogging, forces are applied that represent several times your body weight. The short muscles directly located on the foot and those starting on the outside of the foot skeleton are responsible for movement and stability. The small and short muscles have a particularly important role for a healthy foot. They control deformation of your foot arches during every step. If they don’t work properly, pain can be the result. To ensure you can run without problems, you need strong foot muscles.

Causes of foot pain during jogging include:

  • excessive strain,
  • running style,
  • bad running shoes, or the wrong sort of shoe,
  • posture of the foot,
  • being overweight.

However, with strengthening exercises and sports foot orthoses you can improve the functionality of your foot muscles, preventing pain.

Three exercises: How to train for strong feet

When preparing for the running season, many athletes neglect to train their foot muscles. Proper training, however, improves the function of your feet. The following exercises will strengthen your feet and should therefore be an integral part of your work-out. For most athletes, one leg is stronger than the other. You should therefore do these exercises on one leg. This means you minimize muscular imbalance during strength training. It’s best to do these exercises bare-foot.

  1. The heel lift will increase your power
    Stable ankles ensure perfect power transmission. They also prevent injuries from twisting your ankles. The heel lift is one of the classic strengthening exercises. Stand up straight, with your feet close together. Lift your heels as high as possible and slowly lower them again. To make this exercise more intense, do it on one leg or on an unstable surface. More intense exercises also promote coordination and your sense of balance.
  2. You can strengthen the small muscles with the toe claw exercise
    To strengthen the intrinsic muscles, toe claws are among the most effective exercises. You can do this exercise whilst standing or sitting. Clench the toes, then stretch them out again. Place a pen on the floor and practice picking it up by contracting your toes, then putting it down by relaxing them.
  3. Improve stability with the inside & outside edge exercise
    Whilst standing up, transfer your weight onto the outside edge of your feet first. Make sure you are standing up straight. Then try to stand on the inside edge of your feet.

Do this exercise every day, trying to integrate it into your daily activities. You could, for example, do the stretching and strengthening exercises while you’re brushing your teeth in the morning.

Foot orthoses for running shoes: Bauerfeind Sports Insoles Run & Walk

The foot is a complex design with its 28 bones, 23 muscles, and 31 joints. One of the most important selection criteria for running shoes must therefore be comfort. Wearing comfort can be increased with good foot orthoses. They provide the foot with additional support. With the Insoles Run & Walk, you will quickly recognize the additional comfort. You can feel the difference as early as the first few meters of running. With the Insoles Run & Walk, Bauerfeind Sports offers innovative sports foot orthoses that have been developed in cooperation with elite athletes.

Benefit from the advantages of the Insoles Run & Walk

Abrupt changes of direction and quick movements tire the foot muscles. Our foot orthoses for running shoes will support your feet during running. Each step will be more secure and gentle. Comfortable cushioning absorbs shocks when the heel hits the ground and the toes push off. Proprioceptive spots stimulate the foot muscles, while natural mobility is maintained. A light heel cup guides and stabilizes your foot. The innovative WEIGHTFLEX® orthotic core supports the foot arches. This module, in the shape of an X, will enable you to keep going for longer without problems.

The unique foot orthosis technology supports the foot arches and improves control during heel-to-toe movement. This results in your foot muscles taking longer before fatigue sets in, excessive strain is prevented, and the natural movement of the feet is promoted. Another advantage: an antibacterial top cover prevents odors.

Bauerfeind Sports is “Made in Germany”

Bauerfeind has been developing highly effective medical aids for decades. Our products are a part of the rehabilitation process of elite athletes. The Bauerfeind Sports product line was created for better performance during training and competitions. Our products support athletes striving to achieve top performance, and they are constantly being improved in our Bauerfeind Innovation Center, just like the Insoles Run & Walk. Experiences gathered from elite sports are used during development. That is why, when buying Bauerfeind Sports products, you can always be sure that they correspond to the state of the art in sports science, and that they provide you with perfect support during training and competitions.